Joshmooreblog serves purely as an outlet for my writerly pursuits, a chance to build up a body of work based on the written word – the sometimes factual, but more often that not overtly opinionated reporting on a plethora of topics – music, film, literature to make up the arts, for which a large chunk of my life has been invested in. Photography also comes under that umbrella, and whilst many of the images are lifted from various other sources (NB I receive no monetary value for anything on here, so copyright still remains with the original authour / photographer), I will occasionally upload my own photographic exploits – often experimenting with analogue mediums.

There will also be plenty of opinion and debate on current affairs – politics, football and even fashion, in a bid to keep this exercise interesting, readable, current, relevant and more than just a bid of self promotion – maybe the articles on here will rival those of GQ and Esquire…who knows!

In all seriousness, if anyone ever wants to make contact with me directly, I’m fairly easy to find. Comment away under a post, find me on twitter under twitter.com/joshmooreblog or drop me a line at jm@joshmooreblog.com.

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