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Thought I’d chime in with my two cents. I’ll try and make it short and sweet. An excited nation, coming together on a public holiday. 4 days off of work (for a large chunk of the working public) – an excuse for a right ol’ knees up as it were. My problems with the whole event? None, infact. Turns out I’m having a tear up tonight, booked the time off of work in advance, and it’s my birthday tomorrow, so all of this collective frenzy is welcomed by yours truly.

Some spoilsports out there, however, are not so keen on the event of the year. Take Arsene Wenger for example, who is furious at the timing of the Royal Wedding, which has taken attention away from Arsenal’s massive Premier League clash with Manchester United on Sunday. Further proof to the FA & Premier League’s clear bias toward the Mancs, and conspiracy against Wenger’s club – obviously to ensure that their stretch without silverware carries over another year.

Right all joking aside (not my joke either by the way so I won’t try and take credit for it) the Royal Wedding, as joyous an occasion as it is, obviously has it’s detractors. The most obvious of course would be the anarchist / anti – royalist groups, but with an event like this, there are far too many talking points for there not to be ardent disagreements. Now to bring my Grandad into the equation. He is a bag fan of the queen & the Royal family, and I don’t wish to decry his excellent knowledge & opinion (which I am indebted to 99% of the time) but he commented earlier this week on Victoria Beckham being invited to THE wedding, for which he was in disagreement with. Now I wont go into the case for her as a woman, fashion designer, popstar or whatever contribution she has apparently made to the United Kingdom, not to mention my devoted Mrs. I think for the majority of the detractors, it is the notion of celebrity which people are turning their nose up at.

Now I’m not an anti-royalist, nor am I an anarchist, but when this argument is put forward, all I can think of is hypocrisy. The Royle Family are the ultimate celebrity, surely? Rich & famous for no apparent reason whatsoever other than lineage. An antiquated, rather pointless version of celebrity perhaps, tied in with the moneyed class & the evil Tories. An embarrassing throwback to a bygone era? That’s going a bit far. Our Royal Family make this country unique, and I don’t think there should be any great efforts made to get rid of them. To be fair, it can only be good for the economy at the moment – Americans & Australians in particular love the Royals, I just saw some nutter on the telly who has 12,000 pieces of Royal china. Mental. Moving swiftly on – Above the world of mass media and celebrity the Royal Family certainly aint. David & Victoria Beckham are the ultimate celebrity couple, not necessarily on merit no, but can you mention merit with the Royal Family? This wedding is the ultimate media event. There’s a veritable media palace opposite Buckingham Palace at the moment, and you wouldn’t be surprised if Hello had the rights to the official photos.

I digress. These may sound like the ramblings of a bitter anti royalist. It’s the Big Royal Weekend! What’s not to love? The Royal Family generally? My opinion of them is largely indifferent. Capitalism and Western greed, for example, are some of the bigger things to worry about.

Diatribe over, off to play the Royal Wedding drinking game. Salut!

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