World in a state of cumulative collapse

I recently tried watching Zeitgeist: Moving Forward, which clocks in at a total of 2 hours and 40 minutes long –  the third instalment of the Zeitgeist films, the first of which is one of the most controversial films of recent times, a film brought to my attention by my old housemate and uni buddy Alex, in my third year. I’d class this as halfway between film and TV – partly because of it’s ad hoc documentary format, and partly because of it’s airing completely on youtube. There are now three Zeitgeist films, all directed, written and produced by Peter Joseph.

The first Zeitgeist (above is the first section for you viewing pleasure) is centered around three themes – Religion, 9/11 and the US Federal Reserve. Each section goes about dispelling these themes largely as myths, with a host of conspiracy theories tied together with very compelling arguments. Section 1 is titled The Greatest Story Ever Told, and aims to dispel various religions as ‘stories’ that are passed on and blindly believed. Jackson goes on to argue that Jesus is a hybrid of other religious figures, and that the story behind Christmas, the birht of Christ, the resurrection etc are all based on astrological calenders first interpreted by the Egyptians.

The second section, title The World’s a Stage, goes up a notch with the controversy, and picks apart 9/11 as a event orchestrated by George Bush’s government to justify entering into a lucrative and profitable invasion of Iraq, labeled as the War on Terror. Now these particular conspiracy theories may not be all that groundbreaking – Bush’s idiocy is well documented, but I imagine people don’t consider him in the same vain as Hitler.

Now I’m not for one minute purporting that this is true, or in any way supporting any of the claims in this particular section, but they do make very interesting viewing. The motives behind a such an atrocity do make sense, and the argument is well created – especially where he suggest that the towers did not collapse due to the planes crashing into them, but rather they were demolished, with thermite – he also shows snippets of other controlled demolition’s, which are compelling ‘evidence’ if you will.

The final section is the most interesting to me – this applies to the rest of the world too rather than just America. The conspiracy theories in play here are that the US Federal Reserve forced the government to enter into the two world wars, by engineering events such as the sinking of the RMS Lusitania and the attack on Pearl Harbor which in turn provoked these world wars.

There have been many negative critical responses, decrying the film as conspiracy crap, and the Da Vinci Code on steroids, and the films definitely have to be taken with a pinch of salt. But it certainly makes for compelling viewing, with the main running theme to remember flowing through is not to trust the accepted truths that we’ve grown up with. The film moves from religion – Christianity in particular, the concepts and tales of which by our sceptical time is quite easy not to believe – onto the events of 9/11, a catastrophic event from our recent lifetime which we’d never consider to be engineered by the US government.

All three films have to be taken with a pinch of salt. To accept all of this as truth would be churlish – but moreover be sceptical of perceived truths. Many parts of the films come under close scrutiny as being false, or exaggerating spurious claims and theories. Make your own minds up, I’d suggest watching all three parts of the first film posted on here – it’l certainly make you think!

One thought on “World in a state of cumulative collapse

  1. Ahem, on a metter of fact. How can we take seriously an assertion
    that Pearl Harbor provoked WWII? The world war started on 3 September 1939, ages before the Americans decided to join in,

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