Festive Special

Merry Christmas!! Glad tidings and all that. Right, I’ve been thinking/promising to do this for while, and have managed to leave it long enough to have totally missed a Christmas post, and dangerously close to negating the point of a New Year post too, so here we are, the last post of 2010 – a time to reflect on the year, on the decade even, whilst enjoying a period of relative flux while we wind down and get ready for slog ahead.

I was having one of those days where you sit on facebook looking through pages and pages of crap, and I found a thing called ‘Status History’. It finds all of your previous status’s and forms a timeline of everything you’ve said or thought via this medium – although I’ve clearly only existed since June 2009.

Here’s 2010’s top 5:

  • “all art before 1900 is, fucking old” Thurs 29 April 2010 – At the risk of coming across as really self righteous with all of this, the majority of these are things other people have said, like this for example. No idea who or when though, poor referencing. Sorry!
  • “Jacob rees-knob” – Friday 7 May 2010 – The elections. As we all know, the Tories won in a cricket sense of winning where they kinda drew and had to form an allegiance with the 3rd place winners to create a super team. I.e, not labour and in control of the country. This aside, the tory MP running for my home constituency of Bath and North East Somerset was Jacob Rees-Mogg, the outspoken Tory of an age gone by who makes Thatcher look positively lovely, burst or rather creeped into the limelight with his upper class stereotypical Tory sentiments. Even emperor to be Cameron was reported as being ’embarrassed’ at his antics and shunned media coverage of his involvement with the Tory campaign. needless to say, he didn’t harm anything, they won, as did he.
  • “O.G’s finally found himself in the england squad after an inspired season at United” – Monday 31 May 2010 – Not 100% if I thought of this totally by myself, or maybe I heard something similar when it was discovered that Man Utd‘s 3rd top scorer behind Rooney and Berbs, was OG. A total of 11 of their season’s goals had come by way of own goal. This was also the day Fabs announced the england squad for the world cup. That’s a joke dissected for you. 
  • “..shit the bed i just hit a deer” – Friday 30 July 2010 – This actually happened. Was back home for a few days with the boys in Bristol, and we’d planned a big day of drinking so my and my cider obsessed friend Greener took a trip to the Thatchers cider factory near Weston Super Mare. We bought a few tankards of dry and sweet cider and proceeded to drive it all back to base camp, where we would consume. I’d like to reiterate at this point that no cider had been consumed at this point, we even drove home slowly as the cider babies were safely tucked in behind, and we didn’t want any spillages. The rest is kinda obvious, deer jumps out, I hit it, big dent in the front. Pulled over to see if it was ok, but it had since disappeared, or in Green’s words, ‘mate, it’s ran off to die’. he said this continually the rest of the way home. Reassuring mate, thanks!
  • “Craig belle amie” – Saturday 23 October – This status was actually repeated 7 days later on Sat 30 October in the pathetic attempt to get a few more likes or comments than it did this time around. Both times, nobody commented, or liked for that matter. Craig Bellamy, footballer who had recently made a high profile move of self exile from the Premiership in disagreement with some of Man City‘s higher powers, to go back home and give his homeboys Cardiff a helping hand. Belle Amie, lovely little girl group on X Factor (hence why this was on a Saturday evening) have a name that’s like our Craig’s surname. I found this joke hilarious, but Clarkey can take credit fot this one (perhaps why nobody liked it!) This status also features to show how dependent culture is on that Saturday evening staple from mid October till when Xmas officially takes over.

So that was 2010, in a few facebook nuggets. What else happened? Iceland pissed a load of people off when they mercilessly unleashed their secret weapon unto the world, the Eyjafjallajokull volcano. Or this is how it was received. The public outcry at safety measures put in place by aviation authorities when a natural disaster occurred was disturbing. We all have to remember that we don’t own a grain of this earth, and are completely indebted to everything on it. I can imagine, going on the past decade, that this will only get worse, and we will all be directly affected by Nature’s doings in the next decade to come.

Glastonbury came, and provided us with one of the most memorable weekends of my life. Ian Holloway graduated into the Premier League, whereas I graduated University, started a ‘big boy’ job with a salary and moved in with my girlfriend. This was also a World Cup year, where Spain gave us one of the greatest teams (and most deserving teams) to have won the trophy. Their campaign was moudled around an epoch that had been tried and tried for years with Barca, and was now coming into full bloom. After winning the Euro’s, they proved to the world that it was their time – congrats all round I think. Less can be said of England. there literally is nothing to say. At least with 2006, there was the familiar old penalties, the Ronaldo wink-gate etc etc. We reached our rightful position, the quarter’s and progressed no further. This year (as with every world cup year) there was talk that it could be our year, finally we could go back to 66 and climb back to the pinnacle of world football. The competition began with the most underwhelming of starts, and we bowed out disgracefully, being battered by the Germans. Nobody even thought we could win this match by the time we’d got there, and watching this on a sunny Sunday afternoon at Glastonbury, knowing that Ray Davies was about to start a couple of fields over, I couldn’t care less. We didn’t watch the end, back to the music…forget the world cup, back on with Glastonbury.

The New Year brings about reflection, prediction and resolution, not surprisingly – for many the end of the year is a blessing, a time to focus and realise a new challenge for the next year. Personally i’m not sure how to top the previous year, when I look back it’s been one of if not THE best, but onwards and upwards. My resolution last year was to answer the phone more, and ring people rather than text. I close the year working in a call centre, so I actually have resolved if you will.

You can spend all day writing up resolutions. Mine consist of the standard go to the gym, make more of an effort with old friend etc etc. But these are the main ones I’ll stick to –

  • Raise the Josh Moore profile – blog more, print T shirts, get on telly.
  • Stop talking about my next tattoo – Get my pal Shaun who’s an apprentice tattooist to draw mine up, and have it completed mid next year.
  • Save money – Need to reduce the deficit, big time. Personal recession.

Not very good at predicting the future, so I’ll bow out with this one prediction, wish, hope whatever you might call it. Rolling Stones to headline Glastonbury 2011. Stranger things have happened.

See you next decade. Happy New Year Xx

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