Interesting little rise in the number of arty snaps taken on phone of late. My good ol mates Sam’s zine had a throughly detailed piece on this not long ago at http://www.ballpointzine.co.uk. Helped along by a plethora of aps, the Iphone’s tiddly little grainy camera actually has the ability to produce some interesting photos. My favourite app of the moment is Hipstmatic – an app made by one of my favourite companies Lomography, whose cameras and films I regularly purchase.

Now I love photography, I love mucking around with lenses, with films and light for analogue snaps, and the move to start using an SLR alongside my analogue pursuits was difficult enough. I’ve always hated phone snaps, the dreaded ‘mobile uploads’ on Facebook is not somewhere I’d expect to find inspired work, but the immediacy and accessibility of these photography functions is something that kinda appeals to me.

These have all been a result of me playing around with the Hipstmatic app. Below are a couple of images knocked together with a panoramic image maker thingy called Autostitch. Now these effects are at the end of the day, just effects, that can be just as easily done on a computer. But this makes everything available to the masses with undeniable ease of use.

Now Cartier-Bresson is probably turning in his grave, and who’d blame him?! The whole notion of Iphone / mobile photography detracts somewhat from the art of the photograph, yet this could also be attributed to the millions of night out photo albums that appear every morning on Facebook. I’m still not sure what side of the fence I’m on – I’m an advocate for new, innovative leaps in art and culture, for sure, but I’m also a purist, I mean I’ll always favour a 120mm camera over an SLR even if I have no idea what the photograph looks like till after, not to mention the prints costing around half a ton and taking the best part of a week to be developed- that’s the beauty of it! The jury’s out on this one.

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