Baker – Greco

One of my favourite skaters from my youth, the rogue Jim Greco, more American Pete Doherty than pro skater. Possibly one of the most rock and roll skaters ever to have lived, he epitomised the style and culture of Baker Skateboards, the 9D (Piss Drunks) attitude of the younger riders, whilst still droppin the Hammers (big, big tricks for those of you not in the know!) constantly churned out by the big names. Everything from this section’s amazing, the backside 360 in the leathers probably my highlight. Van Morrison’s Gloria pulls it all togethers as one of the best sections on an unbeatable video, a nugget of my skating youth.

I met Greco at Bristols famous FiftyFifty store, ran by Danny Wainright, about 7 or 8 years ago. He was there with Dustin Dollin and Evan Hernandez, and the queue was out the store and right down the road to the esso on park row. I must’ve queued for hours, going in, saying hello to these stars in my eyes, getting my board signed, getting some free shit, and queuing back up again. Must’ve gone through about 4 or 5 times. They even started recognising me, who’s this weird little kid? O well, it’s lived in my memory.

Another hero of mine was Andrew Reynolds, also on Baker 2G. Can’t find a working youtube of his section, but here’s something from another iconic skate vid, Emerica’s This is Skateboarding.

This takes me back. I kinda wish, despite having to grow up and enter the real world, that I’d carried on with such an important part of my youth.

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