and summer begins

Wow, so I’m a graduate…well nearly, not really sure how it works. I’ve finished University put it that way, and now I face an agonising month long wait for my results. A lot has gone on in the past few weeks, we have a new government, new premiership champions, a new friday night headliner for Glasto…and the world cup is under two weeks away. All of these I’ll find time to write about over the coming weeks.

For the moment, I’ve been busy carrying on with taking photos where I can, and starting to think about other creative projects now the post last exam buzz has died down. Getting some medium format (120mm) film ready for Glasto (was considering a cheapo super 8 camera and getting into that area for a little bit, but as I’m struggling to pay rent the plan is being put on hold for a couple of months – but keep checking back over the next few months, I aim to get some sort of film together by the end of summer)
Writing as I always have, and now pushing the music angle once again, now I’m a bit more of a free man.

Anyways, here’s what I’ve been up to over the past few months. xx

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