SUNny day for a protest!

I like the Sun. I’ll unashamedly admit, that I liked it. Or at least i used to. In the close of the footie season, the transfer period takes headway, and the Sun is the bible for transfer gossip. It’s tolkien-esque narratives places the most arbitrary of deals in our minds, and leaves us with a daily novelette for three odd months of the year. Yet that is all it’s good for. Reading today’s publication, i was greeted with 3 double pages of the England match. The one we beat Ukraine, albeit slimly, a distinctly average 2-1. But i get a load of shit about Rooney, one tackle he could’ve been given the red for, when nothing was given, and Crouch’s goal, and Terry’s goal…I saw it, apart from Crouchy pullin out the rope i couldn’t really give a shit!

Aside from it’s brilliant transfer plots, the Sun is as far from the ‘Yoof’ of today as could possibly be. Yesterday, the 1st of April, was the day of the G20 protests. Rocknroll star Obama comes to town and everyone goes mental… Yet the day will be remembered for the protests which took place at Bank and around the financial district. There were thousands of people out in force making their voices heard.

Not just a bunch of hooligans, ‘foaming at the mouth and smelling of stale cider’, the ‘rent a mob’ are compared to the noble Old Bill as ‘lost ex-public school kids and university dropouts’. I was there, like many others, not fitting this blinkered criteria. Tragically, a man died from a heart attack at the protests yesterday afternoon, and it is even more unfortunate that some people contradicted the message we were all trying to get across by pelting the police that were trying to help him, with missiles.

The Police are not the problem, they never were. Unfortunately the jurisdiction of their employment ties them to services against disorder whether justified or not. Yet even in the reporting of this man’s death, the Sun’s respectful obituary limited him to a sentence, described as a man, ‘shaven headed and wearing a Millwall FC top with a grey t shirt over the top.’ Decency goes out the window on both sides as the lines become increasingly blurred. There are massive contradictions on all fronts. Each and every protester is probably linked in some way or other, to someone who works in an area of finance affected by or affecting the current economic climate. Yet the Bankers dangling wallets full of cash above the heads of the masses of course shows a defiant audacity, but to be honest it only goes to antagonise a rowdy mob who’s views are probably the same. Are we 5 years too early maybe? Would the next protest of this sort contain those very bankers, turning on the country as more and more become victim to a country on its knees. The people condemning the protesters should have a little re think.

However much we are made to believe by the media that the problem was the rabble of drop outs smelling of stale cider, one fact we cannot ignore is that there were a lot of people. A lot of fucking people, pretty much because the ex RBS boss fled the company he dicked over whilst claiming a substantial pay off. Many people saw this as the epitome of the Bankers’ greed which has marred the past 16 months. A lot of people gave a shit about this…If this county carries on pisses the everyday folk off with greed and contradictory policies, then more and more people might start taking notice. Thats if anyone can be assed to get up, especially when Sky News just gives you all the whole shebang…your basically there anyway, why get up?!

People can paint as many pictures as they like. This honorable country’s constabulary stood firm against a few jaded lot whose views are little more than anarchic, for example. Yet a lot of people care on both sides, and the less we take sides against each other and rather demand change like America has, then we could maybe get somewhere.

Ill finish up by drawing attention to the front cover of today’s sun, April 2nd. Under the headline ‘TWO FACES OF BRITAIN 2009’, we have two images. One is of our Majesty the Queen, who holds possibly one of the most pointless and defunct job titles in our country. Next to her is the newly crowned first black U.S President Barack Obama, who is simply on ‘the steady march of seemingly impossible accomplishments’. Never before has a such stark and contrasting dichotomy been displayed so abundantly clear in front of our eyes. Juxtaposed with this picture, we have a G20 ‘rioter’ putting his foot through the window of the RBS building. From one extreme of the monarchy headed by an OAP to a scaremongering snapshot of ‘anarchist thugs’ hardly speaks for many of the nation.
It seems this paper has got the picture of it’s demographic disappointingly wrong.

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